The Health Care Relations (HCR) Committee has identified target organizations for outreach activities by audiologists.  The goal is for individuals to engage in outreach activities to raise awareness about audiology and the hearing and balance care services that audiologists can provide to patients.  To promote these outreach activities, the HCR Committee is providing the target organization website hyperlink, conference dates, and publication opportunities below.   The HCR Committee encourages Academy members, and others, to review the list and select a target of interest.

The list of organizations is divided into three parts: Priority organizations, potential referral sources, and audiology and speech-related organizations.  Although the HCR Committee identified the priority organizations as those representing referring providers who could be the most impactful, the committee encourages outreach to the other potential referral sources.  Presentations and publications in related audiology and speech-related organizations can also be helpful for public awareness.

Anyone needing additional guidance for how to initiate outreach can contact the HCR Committee.