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JAAA Awards

JAAA Awards

JAAA Editor's Award

This award is given to one or two members of the editorial board of the JAAA. Recipients must have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the peer review of the journal.

Amyn M Amlani,PhD
Katheryn Rupp Bachmann, PhD

Elizabeth M. Adams, PhD
Rebekah Cunningham, PhD

Jamie M. Bogle, AuD, PhD
M. Patrick Feeney, PhD

Erin G. Piker, AuD, PhD
Patrick N. Plyler, PhD

Jane A. Baran, PhD
Srikanta Mishra, PhD

William G. Beck, PhD
Craig Newman, PhD

David A. Preves, PhD
Holly Hosford-Dunn, PhD

Robyn Cox, PhD

Michael Valente, PhD

Shlomo Silman, PhD

William Yacullo, PhD

Robert Margolis, PhD

Brad Stach, PhD

Gary Jacobson, PhD

Holly Hosford-Dunn, PhD

JAAA Prize

$1000 was given to the first author of the best article or articles published in JAAA during a given year.

2003 (Volume 14)
Joseph Kei, Ravi Sockalingam, Clive Holloway, Alan Agyik, Craig Brinin, and Doreen Baine, "Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions in Adults: A Comparison between Two Test Protocols," 14(10):563–573

2002 (Volume 13)
Mary T. Cord, Rauna K. Surr, Brian E. Walden, and Laurel Olson, "Performance of Directional Microphone Hearing Aids in Everyday Life," 13(6):295–307; and Rauna K. Surr, Brian E. Walden, Mary T. Cord, and Laurel Olson, "Influence of Environmental Factors on Hearing Aid Microphone Preference," 13(6): 308–322

2001 (Volume 12)
Anne Strouse Carter, Colleen M. Noe, and Richard H. Wilson, "Listeners Who Prefer Monaural to Binaural Hearing Aids," 12(5):261–272

2000 (Volume 11)
Susan D. Dalebout and Lisa G. Fox, "Identification of the Mismatch Negativity in the Responses of Individual Listeners," 11(1):12–22

1999 (Volume 10)
Claus Elberling, "Loudness Scaling Revisited," 10(5):248–260