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Ensuring Realistic Expectations Makes Good Business Sense

Academy Announces Dr. Janky as Honorary Chair for Balance Awareness Week

The American Academy of Audiology is proud to announce that Academy member Dr. Kristen Janky has been named the 2015 Honorary Chair for the Vestibular Disorders Associations Balance Awareness Week. “I feel privileged to have been selected as this year’s chair because I feel strongly that as vestibular professionals we share an obligation to help patients understand that vestibular disorders are treatable illnesses,” says Dr. Janky. 

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How Much Sleep Do We Need?

Many people are interested to know the ideal quantity of sleep for adults and children, but there is little guidance available. The American Thoracic Society (ATS) reviewed the scientific literature and also relied on empirical evidence and clinical experience to develop recommendations and guidelines.

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Work or Stay Home While Sick?

The July 2015 edition of JAMA Pediatrics reports that “many physicians and advanced practice clinicians (APCs), including registered nurse practitioners, midwives, and physician assistants, reported to work while being sick despite recognizing this could put patients at risk….” Julia E. Szymczak, PhD, (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and colleagues surveyed more than 500 physicians, certified registered nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, certified registered nurse anesthetists, and certified nurse midwives.

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MarkeTrak IX—Update 2015

Abrams and Kihm (2015) report that the latest MarkeTrak (MT9) is a significant departure from the eight preceding surveys. Specifically, they used an online survey technique to survey 17,000 households including some 1,000 people who wear hearing aids, and 2,000 people with hearing loss, who do not own hearing aids. 

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Considerations for Dying Patients

Opinion Editorial by Douglas L. Beck, AuD

The Board of Editors of Scientific American (June 2015) weren’t specifically addressing hearing loss. Yet, as I read their opinion/analysis (page 10) titled “A Last Right for Dying Patients,” many issues and considerations overlapped with what we (physicians and professionals in hearing health care) address daily, and I thought I’d offer up some of their thoughts (and mine) for your consideration.

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Academy Pleased About Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Dear Academy Members:

In late March, the state of Indiana received a great deal of attention for passing it’s version of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The American Academy of Audiology Board of Directors has been monitoring the discussion in Indiana and the concerns expressed by the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community across the country. The Academy Board could not support moving forward with AudiologyNOW! 2017 in a state that would discriminate against any of our Academy members.

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Real-Ear Measures: Status Quo 2015

Sanders et al (2015) report that not only are real-ear measures (REMs) an important part of all hearing aid best practice guidelines, REMs are simply a necessary part of each fitting. They note, as a result of acquiring REMs, it is likely “considerable subsequent adjustments” would need to be made to bring the hearing aid fitting into compliance with the prescription selected, such as NAL-NL2 or DSL v5.0.

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Update on Academy Initiatives: Interview with President Erin L. Miller, AuD

Douglas L. Beck, AuD, speaks with Dr. Miller about hiring the new executive director, Tanya Tolpegin, reimbursement structures, itemization, bundling, unbundling, outcomes, legislative efforts, ADA, direct access, and more.

Douglas L. DLB (DLB): Hi, Erin. It’s a pleasure to speak with you! Now that we’re about in the middle of your tenure as president of the American Academy of Audiology, I’d like to get an update and see how things are going.

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The Evolving Identity of Otolaryngology: Response from the Academy

From Otolaryngology to Communication to Human Behavior

In a recent VIEWPOINT, Dr. Roland D. Eavey paints a broad vision for the future of otolaryngology, stating that “…while we have traditionally viewed ourselves as the ear, nose, and throat surgery industry, we are truly also in the communication industry”, and that “…we are the proud guardians of communication.”1 Dr. Eavey further notes that the specialty of otolaryngology is defined by communication.

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