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New Genetic Study May Be the Key to Alternative Treatment to Hearing Loss

Is science getting closer to identifying ways to reverse hearing loss from damaged hair cells?

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JAAA Editorial: The American Academy of Audiology Honors Committee: A Mechanism to Acknowledge Those in Audiology Who Have Gone Above and Beyond in Their Contribution to the Profession

Vol. 30, No. 7 (July/August 2019)
Gary P. Jacobson, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the American Academy of Audiology

The American Academy of Audiology Honors Committee: A Mechanism to Acknowledge Those in Audiology Who Have Gone Above and Beyond in Their Contribution to the Profession

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JAAA Latest Fast Track Articles—July 5, 2019

As the JAAA editors along with our editorial team, we are proud to announce new Fast Track content for JAAA, as of July 5, 2019. We are working diligently to publish ahead of print. We strive for a two-month turnaround on articles from acceptance to digital publication. Plan to see more of these announcements about content updates each month.

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ACAE Corner Main Image

ACAE CORNER | What Is Evidence-Based Audiology?

This article is the first of a two-part series on evidence-based audiology and the education of audiologists. A second article will offer additional strategies for more effectively instilling in students the principles of evidence-based audiology, and their application in clinical practice.

To expand on this theme, let us look at the ACAE Accreditation Standards for the Doctor of Audiology Program, Standard 25:

Topic(s): Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE), Education, Academia, Research

There Is an App for That Too!

Smartphone applications have been developed for numerous audiologic/otologic purposes. These functions include, but are not limited to pocketalker/amplifier, remote control/multimedia function for hearing aid interface, hearing screener, sound-level meter, and otoscope.  What’s left?  Tuning fork, of course. 

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Innovative Speech Decoding Technology Gets National Spotlight

Recently, Jon Hamilton of NPR’s All Things Considered interviewed Dr. Edward Chang, one of the neurosurgeons and investigators involved in a study focused on decoding cortical activity into spoken words.

Currently, those who cannot produce speech rely upon technology that allows them to use eye gaze to produce synthesized speech one letter at a time. While this gives those who otherwise could not speak a voice, it is considerably slower than natural speech production.  

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Cheetahs Always Prosper, Thanks to Their Remarkable Vestibular System

Cheetahs hold the record for being the fastest land animal and are a top predator in their habitat. Watching a cheetah on a run-down is awe-inspiring, and with new high-speed cameras capturing every second, even more so. 

They can turn on a dime all while keeping their eyes focused on their prey and not miss a beat. What makes them so good? Turns out, in comparison to other felines, cheetahs have significantly larger vestibular structures, with a greater volume of the inner ear devoted to the vestibular structures.

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How We Make Decisions

The world is full of difficult decisions and our orientation in space may actually affect our ability to make them. Additionally, trying to make critical decisions in zero gravity may be even more challenging. 

A recent article highlights ongoing research regarding decision-making abilities while subjects experience altered gravitation situations. The information gained from these studies is important as longer duration space exploration occurs and the necessity to make the right decision in high stakes situations is critical to astronauts’ survival.

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Are There Mental Health Benefits to Being a Mentor?

Could being a mentor help alleviate some of your work stress? According to a study recently reviewed in the Harvard Business Review, the answer is potentially “yes.” 

Gil et al (2018) compared survey data collected from police officers paired in a mentoring relationship to that of paired officers who were not selected into the mentoring program (via random selection). A subset of the officers in the mentoring program also completed semi-structured interviews, where they were asked about their jobs and the mentoring experience.

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Shocking Tinnitus Treatment Approaches

A number of attempts are underway to use neural stimulation to modulate tinnitus perception, including sound stimulation paired with somatosensory stimulation. The effectiveness of these treatments has been variable. It is well described in the literature that cochlear implants can often provide some level of tinnitus suppression, when the implant is being utilized. However, the invasiveness of the procedure and risk for further damage to the cochlea, make its application for tinnitus management alone currently implausible.

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