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Main Office
11480 Commerce Park Drive
Suite 220
Reston, VA 20191
Fax: 703-790-8631



The Academy staff is here to serve you with office hours from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm ET. Please take a moment and look through the staff list to find the best fit for your needs. General inquiries are welcome at 800-AAA-2336 or by e-mail. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Our office is now accessible by Metro. Click here to get directions to our office building from the Wiehle/Reston Metro stop on the Silver Line.

Executive Office Executive Director Tanya Tolpegin, MBA, CAE
ext. 1050
Administrative Assistant Rebecca Lertora
ext. 1063 
Business Development Senior Director of Business Development Dina Santucci
ext. 1032
Meetings and Education
Vice President of Meetings and Education Laurie Saunders
ext. 1038
Director of Meetings Joan Haller, CMP
ext. 1084
Manager of Professional Development Katy Sidwell
ext. 1068
Meetings and Education Manager Natalie Bisbee
ext. 1043
Meetings and Education Assistant
Alison Lockard
ext. 1055
Education Coordinator Kelly Aldridge
ext. 1079
Advocacy and Reimbursement Vice President of Public Affairs Kathryn (Kitty) Werner
ext. 1044
Senior Director of Government Relations Susan Pilch, JD
ext. 1036
Advocacy Coordinator Kathleen Bishop
ext. 1034
Coding and Reimbursement Questions? E-mail us.
Communications and Membership Vice President of Communications and Membership Amy Miedema, CAE
ext. 1033
Senior Director of Membership and Student Academy of Audiology Rachael Sifuentes, CAE
ext. 1048
Digital Content Manager Jeanay Butler
ext. 1067
Communications Manager

Alicia Mayle
ext. 1062

Editor Kathie Felix
ext. 1031
Senior Graphic Designer Suzanne Chanesman
ext. 1064
Membership and SAA Specialist Rebecca West
ext. 1054
Marketing Specialist Kiersten Valko
ext. 1039
Editor-in-Chief, JAAA Gary Jacobson, PhD
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, JAAA Devin McCaslin, PhD
Emeritus Editor-in-Chief, JAAA James Jerger, PhD
Editor-in-Chief, Audiology Today and Erin Schafer, PhD
Finance and Administration Controller Sandy Fulgham
ext. 1046
  Senior Accountant Kajee Budhathoki
ext. 1061
  Accounting Assistant  Tien Nguyen
ext. 1045
  Administrative Assistant, Finance Marian Hirsi-Essa
ext. 1059
  Office Manager/Receptionist Ryan Scarola
  Technical Specialist Ashwini Ramesh
ext. 1047
American Academy of Audiology Foundation   Laurie Saunders
ext. 1038

American Board of Audiology

Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE)

Director of Professional Standards and Credentialing Andrew Stafford
ext. 1056