Charge Description

  • Educate and increase member awareness of the Academy's Code of Ethics and the practical application of the code, rules, and advisory opinions.
  • Maintain a current and relevant the Code of Ethics to which members are bound (Changes to the Code of Ethics, policies and procedures, and advisory opinions must be approved by the Academy Board of Directors prior to implementation and publication).
  • Produce advisory opinions clarifying ethics principles and rules.
  • Formulate, review, update, and publicize policies and procedures for the review of complaints.
  • Review public and member complaints alleging unethical behavior by members. Resolve and determine appropriate disciplinary action (decisions are subject to appeal to the Academy Board).
  • Track state licensure continuing education requirements for audiologists relative to ethics content to support needed professional education.


  • Victor Bray, PhD
  • Sarah Carlson, AuD
  • Lauren Fedt, AuD
  • Melissa Ferrello, AuD
  • Ashley Gaucher, AuD
  • Emily Patterson, AuD
  • Maria Pomponio, AuD
  • Sarah Sparks, AuD
  • Michelle Tejada, AuD

How to Apply

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