Charge Description

  • Actively recruit candidates to run for Academy Board of Directors’ positions with attention to increasing the number of nominations, improving the quality and diversity of nominations, and meeting the identified composition of skills and perspectives among board members that are needed to advance the Academy’s strategic priorities.
  • Support the candidates through the nomination process by:
    • Engaging with all councils and select committees to explain the nominations processes, request members to nominate candidates, and brainstorm potential candidates.
    • Proactively contacting nominees to have a personal conversation about their interests in, and questions about, candidacy.
    • Serving as the main source of communication with the candidate until the candidate agrees to candidacy and nomination materials are submitted.
    • Improving communication with candidates regarding time commitment and responsibilities including developing materials for these purposes.
  • Cultivate a welcoming environment that values the diversity of people and perspectives in approaching the activities of the committee.
  • Promote inclusive practices and multicultural competencies in initiatives, programs, and other activities.

How to Apply

Interested in volunteering for the Nominations Recruitment Committee? Learn more about available volunteer opportunities and how to apply. If you have questions about any of the Academy's volunteer opportunities, please contact