Charge Description

  • Review research podium submissions for the annual conference.


  • Reaghan Beckers, AuD
  • Brian R. Earl, PhD
  • Katharine Fitzharris AuD, PhD
  • Karah Gottschalk, AuD
  • Jennifer Henderson Sabes, AuD
  • Gina Hounam, PhD
  • Shannon Lefler, AuD
  • John Luckhurst, MS
  • Maryrose McInerney, PhD
  • Zarin Mehta, PhD
  • Alyssa Needleman, PhD
  • Hanna Page, AuD
  • Mark Parker, PhD
  • Jessie Patterson AuD, PhD
  • Kimberly Skinner AuD, PhD
  • Yang-Soo Yoon, PhD

How to Apply

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