Member-at-Large Nominee Video

Each nominee was asked the following question: Please comment on how the Academy’s objectives proactively position audiology for a successful future AND how will you personally contribute to achieving that vision.

Closed captioning is available.

Why are you interested in serving on the Academy board?

The Academy is, and always has been, my audiology home! Like the Academy mission statement, I am also committed to advancing the science, practice, and accessibility of hearing and balance health care for our patients. I see the Academy as the natural and obvious mechanism for accomplishing these goals. Volunteering isn’t all altruism for me though; I gain a great deal of joy and satisfaction from the interactions with and connections to Academy members, volunteers, and staff. There is a wealth of talent in our organization: individuals with demonstrative passion and commitment for our profession. I would be honored to be able to serve in this capacity. There is so much to learn and accomplish!


Jenne Tunnell, AuD, ABA Certified, PASC, CH-AP, manages an audiology practice in Southern Minnesota. Her special interests include pediatrics, early hearing detection and intervention, and cochlear implants, as well as vestibular and balance disorders. Dr. Tunnell served on a multidisciplinary cCMV advisory board for Minnesota to promote universal cCMV screening. She served as chair of Academy’s Academic and Professional Standards Council, is past President of APSO, and served as chair of American Board of Audiology.

She is a past president of the Minnesota Academy of Audiology, and a member of the Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology Conference 2012 cohort. She serves on the SLP/A Advisory Council for Minnesota. She is a current certificate holder in audiology precepting (CH-AP) and enjoys mentoring students, cooking spicy food, and watching stand-up comedy. Or is it that she enjoys watching food and cooking up spicy comedy?