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Grassroots advocacy is key to ensuring that audiologists’ interests are represented on Capitol Hill. It is important for members of Congress to hear directly from audiologists, especially as they consider issues that will impact the profession. If you are interested in advancing audiology policy initiatives and participating in advocacy activities, sign up to be a part of the Academy’s Grassroots Advocacy Network. The Network serves as a ready resource of volunteers to assist the Government Relations Committee (GRC) and the Political Action Committee (PAC) Advisory Board to promote the organization’s policy agenda on behalf of the profession of audiology. By signing up to be a part of the Network, you are showing your willingness to develop relationships with congressional representatives and engage in important advocacy outreach whether it means sending a letter to congressional champions or setting up an in-person meeting. The Academy staff, GRC, and PAC Advisory Board will provide Network participants with orientation materials and key messages on current policy items. 

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