Now that you’ve developed a Social Media Plan for 2018, it’s time to enhance your social media postings. More than 40 percent of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health (Honigman, 2018). Below are a few ideas to amplify your current social media plan.

Staff Postings

This is an easy way to connect patients to your staff and office. Highlight a staff member each month that can include a short biography and picture. The biography may include their current role in the office, background/education, years of employment, interests or hobbies, and their inspiration for working in the hearing impaired field. Of course, don’t forget to a tagline and office phone number so patients can call the office for an appointment.

Behind-the-Scenes Posting:

Does your office have regular traditions, such as casual Fridays, Halloween-themed costumes, or decorations for the holidays? Take a few seconds to post a photo to give patients a sense of “behind the scenes” as well as the fun, interactive experience you provide in your facility. Additionally, you can post images of routine work, such as cataloging a large shipment of hearing aids or setting up new diagnostic equipment.

Social Media Challenges

There are so many options for a social media challenge. This could include a picture challenge, a scavenger hunt, poll or survey, and many more. The goal is to engage patients on your page, which will increase visits to your site as well as increase the circulation of your social media page for their friends or pages of similar interest in their news feed. An easy way to engage patients is to offer a prize, such as a gift card to a local restaurant/coffee shop or a free package of hearing aid batteries. Don’t forget to post a picture of the winner picking up their prize.

Personal Anecdotes

If you support hearing loss research, participate in 5K walk or runs, or lobby at Capitol Hill, be sure to include those images on your social media sites. Patients are interested in both you as a top-quality provider and as an individual. By showing you have an interest, patients are happy to follow and support your cause. Be sure to follow current trends and increase your support at specific times of the year, such as in May for Better Hearing Month and in October for National Audiology Awareness Month.

Other creative ideas include:

  • Interview a customer
  • Patient inspiration
  • Throw-back Thursday (TBT)
  • Ask Your Audience – create a multiple-choice poll
  • Create a video or tour of the facility
  • Discuss new hearing aid products, but showing new color palette or Bluetooth options

Finally, always remember to thank your customers and followers for continuing to support you.

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