Imagine Anna, a 20-year-old woman with severe hearing loss. While in the waiting room of her audiologist’s office, she notices a brochure. It asserts, “With our hearing aids, you will have a normal hearing!” As Anna reads these words, she becomes emotional as her dream has always been to hear like everyone else. Not surprisingly, Anna selects these hearing aids, but once she is fitted with them and experiences “less than normal” hearing, she leaves the office with tears of disappointment rather than tears of joy. This is a true story.

We have a constant flow of patients sitting in front of us daily, each sharing a unique story that typically shares a common threada communication problem due to a suspected hearing loss. Patients often have a heightened sensitivity to promises of the perfect hearing solution. In Anna`s case, the perfect solution would have been hearing aids that delivered normal hearing.

Our offices are filled with promisesin brochures, posters, office conversations, or even written on coffee mugs. As professionals, we need to ensure our patients have realistic expectations when they leave their appointments. Here are a few suggestions that can

  1. Review and approve all literature to be shared with patients.
  2. Openly discuss your patient’s expectations at each appointment, not just the first.
  3. Track each and every promise made to your patient.

Foundation of successful treatment begins with trust. Ensuring promises are met will strengthen this, and ultimately build on your business’s success.