Situated in the heart of autumn, October is nationally recognized as “Audiology Awareness Month.” As audiologists, this month is more than just a month to post a status on social media or to hang a sign in recognition, but rather to give us a time to be a presence in our local and national communities. To keep with the autumnal theme, use Audiology Awareness Month to think of ways to HARVEST the profession.

Have Conversations

Audiology Awareness Month is a perfect time to speak candidly with friends, family, and community members about the importance of hearing loss awareness and how audiologist work towards finding solutions for those with hearing impairment. With school fully in session, it’s also a good time to attend local faculty training and career seminars to discuss the field and advocate for its growth and development.


Audiology Awareness Month was formally designated by the U.S. Congress through a bipartisan resolution last October. With that in mind, it falls on us to advocate for the issues that are relevant to our profession. Use this month to write to your congressmen and congresswomen to advance the Academy’s Congressional Priorities. Furthermore, you can reach out to your local representatives to advocate for the recognition of Audiology Awareness Month at a state level.

Represent the Profession

The Academy provides a plethora of opportunities for you to be a representative of the audiology community. You can participate at local stakeholders’ meetings, go campaigning for a government candidate that represents your personal/professional interests, or get involved with the Academy through volunteering.


During Audiology Awareness Month, being a visible member of the healthcare community and your community at large is key. Look for opportunities to be involved with local fundraisers, particularly those who benefit those with hearing loss. Did you know that there are twelve national Walk for Hearing events between September and November?  Use this time to involve yourself with causes that support why you entered the profession in the first place.


Education is a critical part of being an audiologist. We’ve all completed six to eight years of postsecondary education just to begin practicing, and during this month, it’s our turn to return the favor. Providing educational resources, such as the ones provided by the Academy can help expand our involvement in hearing healthcare. Furthermore, reach out to local colleges and university to see if you could attend a career fair and expand the public’s awareness about the profession at a collegiate level.

Spread the Word

Use social media platforms to spread the word about audiology. Share stories and videos (so long as they are HIPAA compliant!) highlighting your experiences, both triumphs and shortfalls. Social media has become one of the primary platforms of advertising, so use your expertise to advocate and educate across the internet!

Try Something New

If you have never written to a senator before or never spoken at an in-service, this month is the month to try! In our field, it’s important to never stop learning or participating in new experiences. Use Audiology Awareness Month to improve yourself both personally and professionally.