This year, the American Institute of Balance (AIB), one of the country’s largest multi-specialty centers for the evaluation and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders, celebrates its 25th Anniversary. Founded in 1992 by Academy Past President Richard E. Gans, PhD, AIB has been a world-wide leader in patient care, research, and professional education in equilibrium disorders, evaluating and treating over 100,000 patients and educating over 7,000 audiologists, physical therapists, and physicians worldwide.

AIB’s commitment to evidence-based care in balance health is reflected in their professional development programs and their support of innovative research. AIB helped fund the research of five recipients of the American Academy of Audiology Foundation’s Vestibular Research Grant program, most recently that of two-time awardee, Choongheon Lee, doctoral student at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln for his project on the effects of pharmacologic agents on mammalian vestibular function. Lee, who will soon begin a post-doctoral position in the department of otolaryngology at the University of Washington, commented, “Research support in audiology is crucial in the pursuit of a lifetime of discovery and learning to help patients with hearing loss, dizziness, and communication disorders.”

The Foundation applauds Dr. Gans and the AIB for their support of the Foundation’s programs and initiatives, especially in the area of vestibular research.

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