By Vanessa Gauthier-Davidson

This article is a part of the May/June 2024, Volume 36, Number 3, Audiology Today issue.

Open communication, strong collaboration, and a deep-seated desire for learning are foundational to effective supervisor-extern relationships in audiology. These externships and ongoing mentorships not only cultivate a sense of achievement among seasoned audiologists but significantly enhance the learning curve for newcomers to the audiology field.

Implementing software-based audiometry can optimize the value of these educational experiences. With its advanced traceability feature, the SHOEBOX Consult audiometer facilitates this approach by allowing supervisors greater visibility into the extern’s testing methodologies. The supervisor or extern can communicate by leaving comments, observations, or questions directly on the audiometer interface, allowing efficient back-and-forth and organized collaboration between professionals.

Organically, an ongoing mentorship relationship may arise after the externship is completed. Software-based audiometry helps experienced professionals and new graduates collaborate effectively, regardless of geographical barriers. For instance, for mentorships within the same organization, metrics of a hearing
test conducted by the mentor in one clinic could be observed by the mentee from another location. For clinics with multiple locations, this digital-first approach transforms the sharing of hearing health data, ensuring accessibility from any location with an internet connection. Accessing data anywhere significantly enhances collaborative efforts in audiology education and practice, leading to more personalized and effective hearing care solutions.

By embracing the future of audiology supervision and mentorship through software-based audiometry, professionals can elevate their educational and practical experiences. Discover how this technology can transform your professional journey by connecting with SHOEBOX.

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