By Vanessa Gauthier-Davidson
This article is a part of the March/April 2021, Volume 33, Number 2, Audiology Today issue. SHOEBOX Online was designed as a way for audiologists to easily identify appropriate referrals, but the current pandemic has shown it also can serve to help clinics offer a modified form of service in a safe and physically distant way. Current conditions have required that clinicians find new ways to broaden their services. SHOEBOX Online doesn’t replace a clinical hearing test, but it is an intuitive tool without the exposure risks of an in-person visit. When added to a clinician’s toolbox, it can improve patient engagement and triage. Reduced booth time due to new cleaning protocols and reduced clinic hours has created a critical challenge for hearing health-care professionals. For customers requiring treatment, the sooner it can be provided, the better. SHOEBOX Online has proven useful for triaging patients to help determine next steps. Patients experiencing possible hearing loss can complete an online hearing screening from home. Based on the results viewed remotely on the HIPAA-compliant web portal, clinicians can determine how to proceed. Priority for a full assessment can be given to patients experiencing significant, unidentified hearing loss or a sudden drop in hearing. It also can help address patients whose hearing is stable from their last test and may not require re-evaluation but hearing aid troubleshooting instead. Learn more.
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