By Stephanie Johnson

This article is a part of the May/June 2024, Volume 36, Number 3, Audiology Today issue.

Patients with cochlear implant (CI) often have difficulty getting to their appointments if they must travel long distances or navigate mobility issues and busy schedules. The cost and difficulty of travel makes receiving timely care for their hearing needs challenging. 

Remote Programming for Marvel CI is Advanced Bionics’ unique technology that allows your patients to have remote appointments with you via their smartphone. You can provide complete follow-up programming to Marvel devices, alongside a video chat over a secure connection, without a clinic visit. Extending audiology services via Remote Programming to underserved rural and remote areas is one step toward improving accessibility of audiology services. 

Remote Programming gives your patients flexibility and can help you reduce appointment cancellations and late arrivals. Your patients simply install the free AB Remote Support app on their smartphone, then set up a Remote Programming appointment just as they would schedule any appointment with you. 

Your patients with Marvel CI (even those using bimodal and CROS solutions) can benefit from having their devices programmed in their home environment in the same fitting session. 

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