Audiology Today November/December 2020

The American Academy of Audiology promotes quality hearing and balance care by advancing the profession of audiology through leadership, advocacy, education, public awareness, and support of research. Dive into the November/December 2020 Audiology Today issue below!

Illustration of a man escaping a room

ONLINE FEATURE | Audiology Escape Room: A Case Study

This case study describes the process of designing and implementing a discipline-specific escape room activity to encourage teamwork, networking, and communication while also promoting discipline-specific knowledge and learning outcomes.

Audiology Today President's Message

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE | Gratitude Unlocks the Fullness of Life

There have recently been many articles, books, and posts reminding us of the importance of gratitude to combat stress and improve resilience. The events of this past year have, for many, led to increased anxiety, grief, depression, stress, and isolation.

Health-Related Quality of Life and Hearing Aids Article

Health-Related Quality of Life and Hearing Aids

Evidence from the health economics literature draws attention to the current outcomes of hearing aid and rehabilitation services as an intervention in improving the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in adults.

Samuel R. Atcherson photographed in a Clear Face Mask

More Speech Degradations and Considerations in the Search for Transparent Face Coverings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The purpose of this article is to help audiologists and others navigate the considerations for transparent face coverings. Specific commercial products are indicated in this article; however, they do not represent endorsement by the authors.

Illustration of remote learning of sign language

Working Effectively with Audiology Students Who Are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Tips for Clinical Preceptors

It may seem obvious that a partnership between preceptor and student is necessary for the student’s development of strategies and clinical independence, however knowing where to begin can be difficult.

Photo of male snowboarder falling

Computerized Dynamic Posturography: A Historical ‘Concussion Predictor’

A snowboarding injury and a dizziness handicap score: Was the patient’s athletic ability affecting the outcome of the testing for balance issues?

Photo of hearing aids with Alport syndrome awareness bracelet

ON TREND | Alport Syndrome Awareness: Hearing Loss Caused by Kidney Disease

Remember the words Alport syndrome from your textbooks? Perhaps this seemed an attempt to stump you on an exam. As an audiologist and Alport patient with hearing loss, I hope to emphasize the role audiologists can play in helping provide critical early diagnosis for patients.

Illustration of coding and reimbursement for audiology

CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT | Deciphering Medicare Advantage Hearing Benefits

The Medicare Part C Program was developed following passage of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 and went into effect in January of 1999.

Illustration of teleworking during COVID-19 pandemic

AUDIOLOGY ADVOCATE | Advocacy in the Time of COVID-19

The current pandemic has upended virtually all aspects of our lives: work, interaction with family and friends, schooling, travel, and finances.


ACADEMY NEWS | Academy Awards Two Music Research Grants

In spring 2020, the Academy’s Research Initiatives Committee launched the new Music and Hearing Research Grant Program.