Hearing Loss and Fatigue

Hearing Loss and Fatigue

February 01, 2021 In the News


Wait! Don't nod off yet! There is a recently published systematic review that you may be interested in checking out (Holman et al, 2021)

These authors explored the relationship between hearing loss and fatigue. Of the 24 studies reviewed, the majority (67 percent) found an association between hearing loss and subjective reports of increased levels of long-term fatigue. 

While these findings do support the existence of a relationship, the authors did raise concerns regarding the quality of the evidence from the reviewed studies and suggest a need for further research in this area.  


Holman J, Drummond A, Naylor G. (2021) The effect of hearing loss and hearing device fitting on fatigue in adults: a systematic review. Ear Hear 42:1-11. 


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