Holiday Advice for Those with Hearing Loss

Holiday Advice for Those with Hearing Loss

November 21, 2018 In the News

The holidays bring together families around the country, young and old alike look forward to these special shared moments. For those with hearing loss, the holidays can be overwhelming. Difficulty following conversations can lead to frustration and stress for both the individual with hearing loss and family.

Here are some simple tips for making the holidays a sound occasion.

  1. Communication strategies 
    1. Advocate—let your communication partner know you are having difficulty.
    2. Face the speaker of interest.
    3. Ask for clarification, “can you rephrase that”? 
    4. Ask for the topic of conversation, context goes a long way.
    5. For partners—keep your face and mouth visible, rephrase rather than repeat, and try not to get frustrated.
    6. If there is someone you have preference to chat with, sit close to them, either next or across from depending on seating.
    7. Try to put noise to your back.
  2. Hearing aid and assistive listening devices 
    1. Make sure your devices are working prior to any travel.
    2. Make sure you have spare batteries or charger.
    3. Keep good maintenance of devices.
  3. Be proactive 
    1. Make an appointment or visit your audiologist well in advance to the holidays.  Do not expect to get an appointment the day before Christmas. 
    2. If you are new to purchasing hearing aids or other devices recognize this may take some time to order and fit that extend beyond the initial evaluation.
  4. Find peace in quiet 
    1. Competing background noise and multiple speakers are often sources of difficulty.  Consider moving to another room with less noise or sitting closer. 
    2. Talk to your audiologist about assistive listening devices such as remote microphones.

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