Patients Get Health Care at Home

Patients Get Health Care at Home

October 13, 2017 In the News

Telehealth is an aspect of healthcare whose potential scope and impact have yet to be determined. However, we are beginning to see more programs experiment and validate various implementations of telehealth with promising results.

A recent article in US News highlights technology that is making it easier for patients to recover or receive long-term care at home rather than in a hospital. The potential benefits to telehealth are reduced healthcare costs and reduced risk of infection.  Several innovative hospitals are already implementing remote monitoring of patients with chronic conditions, as well as for those with functional mobility limitations.

In addition to lowering hospitalization rates, these programs have also found increased patient satisfaction and peace of mind without sacrificing quality of care. Of course, billing insurance for this type of care is still far from perfect. The hope is that as insurances move toward an outcome versus procedural billing, programs like these will reap the benefits.


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