Employment Resources

Employment Resources

The job landscape for audiology is in constant evolution. The Academy wants to keep you up to speed, which means learning about audiology as a profession, audiology's future, and the hiring process from both an employer's and a job seeker's perspective. Use the following resources for job search hints, candidate screening, and salary negotiations.

How Does Your Salary Stack Up?

View the Academy's Compensation & Benefits Survey. Not a member? The survey is available to non-members for $100. E-mail requests to membership@audiology.org

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the latest employment and wage estimates for audiologists.

Resume Review

Your resume can be an entré to an exciting opportunity or a roadblock in your career. Luckily for you, the Academy offers a resume review service that offers constructive advice from peers.

This free service offers you feedback from professional audiologists working in a variety of settings. Job seekers may also submit related items such as cover letters, curriculum vitae, and thank-you notes for review. Do you know what position you are seeking or the work setting you prefer?

The resume review request form will ask you for this information, and it will inform the reviewer on how to critique your resume. Learn more about the Academy’s resume review service.

Human Resource Help

Managing today’s workplace professionally can certainly make the difference between success and failure of any business. Understanding and establishing the rights and obligations of both employees and employers is now more than ever, required by employers, employees, the public, and the government.

Fair and legal policies, professional management, and employee engagement are only some of the fundamental necessities provided by modern HR professionals. If you have a need to fill your human resource (HR) needs or to get answers at a discounted rate and as part of your member benefits, the Academy offers access to Human Resources Associates, DC-based an HR consultancy.


Looking for your next job or to fill one? Let the Academy’s HearCareers employment listing be your first and only stop. Hundreds of jobs are listed, from seasoned professional to fourth-year externships.

HEARCareers provides employers with an audience consisting of only audiologists and allows job seekers to view jobs that cater specifically to their profession. As a member, you will receive discounted rates on job postings, and resume posting is always free. All HEARCareers job postings come with access to the resume database, which is available while the job posting is active. Job seekers also can create a search agent and have access to career resources.

Learn more about www.HearCareers.org.

Externship Module

Built exclusively for audiologists, the Externship Module (sponsored by Audigy) is a convenient way to post externship opportunities and connect with a talented pool of students actively seeking the clinical experience and professional judgment to bring them one step closer to the day they graduate with their AuD.

Post Externships Positions

  • Post and manage all of your externship positions on HEARCareers free of charge.
  • Access our Student Profile Database.
  • Search through our database of early career professionals looking for job opportunities in audiology and engage them directly.

Find Your Next Future Extern

  • Gain access to a talented pool of applicants for short-term support and build an ongoing pipeline of young and developing talent for future job opportunities.
  • Recruit from our pool of up and coming talent by posting your next externship to your one-stop-shop for all job postings—HEARCareers.