The FDA Withdraws Emergency Approval for the Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine

On Monday, June 15, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration removed the Emergency Authorization Use (EAU) of two malaria drugs to treat COVID-19, saying that they are “unlikely to be effective.”

Both hydroxychloroquine (brand name Plaquenil) and chloroquine were heavily promoted by President Trump after a handful of small, poorly controlled studies showed that they could work in treating the disease.

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Elderly Man with hearing loss

ONLINE FEATURE | Ototoxicity of FDA-Approved Drugs Being Re-Purposed for COVID-19 Treatment

According to the National Institutes of Health’s Center National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, many drugs approved for other uses already have been tested in humans, so detailed information is available on their pharmacology, formulation, and potential toxicity. 

Topic(s): COVID-19, Ototoxicity, FDA, Patient care, Practice Management


Publication Issue: Audiology Today May/June 2020