Charge Description

  • Identify and influence coding and reimbursement issues that impact the profession of audiology.
  • Provide input regarding coding and reimbursement regulatory issues and develop strategies and recommendations to effect change.
  • Collaborate with other industry stakeholders on coding, coverage, and payment policy issues to influence desired outcomes.
  • Communicate coding and reimbursement-related information to members.
  • Develop and provide coding and reimbursement-related resources for members.
  • Communicate to the membership compliance regulations, statutes, and rules that impact the practice of audiology.
  • Provide resources to assist audiologists in maintaining compliance with existing and new requirements.
  • Recommend position papers or clinical practice guidelines that would advance Academy strategic priorities.

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  • Payal Anand, AuD
  • Alaina Bassett, AuD
  • Mariah Cheyney, AuD
  • Susan Von Dollen, AuD
  • Katrina Dorsey, AuD
  • Andrea Green, AuD
  • Meredith Holcomb, AuD
  • Alison Kemph Morrison, AuD
  • Sydney Nance, AuD
  • Derek Stiles, PhD
  • Sarah Curtis, AuD
  • Kristine Trester, AuD


The work of the Coding and Reimbursement Committee is overseen by the Advocacy Council.

How to Apply

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