Charge Description

  • Develop a slate of deserving individuals and/or organizations who have been of exceptional service to the Academy and/or the profession and who are deserving of awards and who will be honored publicly during the annual conference.
  • Develop strategies for increasing participation in the nomination process by members.
  • Recommend changes to award categories or descriptions as needed.
  • Designate a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) advocate and cultivate a welcoming environment that values the diversity of people and perspectives in approaching the activities of the committee.


  • Deyanira Gonzalez, AuD
  • David Jedlicka, AuD
  • Claire Roland, AuD
  • Laura Stroud, AuD
  • Soumya Venkitakrishnan, AuD
  • Gail Whitelaw, PhD


The work of the Honors and Awards Task Force is overseen by the Membership Engagement and Recognition Committee.

How to Apply

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