Charge Description

  • Increase member awareness of research by and for audiologists
  • Review applications and select recipients of the Academy Research Grants in Hearing and Balance program funded by the AAA Foundation
  • Act as a point of contact with allied organizations that provide hearing and balance research
  • Establish a database for research opportunities and facilities that offer both clinical and basic hearing and balance science research positions (e.g., post-doc positions, full-time and part-time research positions, mentor program, student research opportunities, T35 opportunities, etc.)
  • Promote continued AuD (postgraduate) research through incentive programs
  • Identify annual research priorities and work with the AAA Foundation to identify opportunities to encourage research productivity in these priority areas
  • Provide support structure to assist in young-investigator peer-review publishing process
  • Promote PhD programs and provide support to PhD students in order to assist in the advancement of audiology research
  • Promote research grant opportunities available through other organizations
  • Highlight award-winning research publications by audiologists (recognition program)
  • Identify evidence-based research needs and work with the AAA Foundation to support these needs; and,
  • Include staff liaison and council chair in communications.


  • Melinda Anderson, PhD
  • Bopanna Ballachanda, PhD
  • Katharine Fitzharris, AuD, PhD
  • Rachel Fryatt, AuD
  • Aaron Roman, AuD
  • Ginger Stickney, PhD
  • William Riggs, AuD
  • Heidi Slager, AuD
  • Susan Ward, AuD

How to Apply

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