Charge Description

  • Advance a strategic research priority plan that outlines the research/evidence that will be necessary to advance Academy strategic priorities. Coordinate with allied associations, funding agencies, AAA Foundation, and other stakeholders to develop a collaborative plan to advance Academy research priorities.
  • Drive the development of needed strategic documents for the profession.
  • Disseminate Academy resources and documents to promote utilization within the profession and elevate the expertise of audiologists among other health professionals.
  • Coordinate input within the Academy to identify the highest strategic research priorities.
  • Collaborate with other associations and funding agencies to incentivize progress toward identified strategic research priorities.
  • Recommend position papers or clinical practice guidelines that would advance Academy strategic priorities.


  • Melinda Anderson, PhD, Research Initiatives Committee
  • Jamie Bogle, AuD, PhD, Academy Research Conference 
  • Antony Joseph, AuD, PhD, Academy Research Conference 
  • Angela Shoup, PhD, Guidelines Strategic Documents Committee
  • Brittany Seiffert, AuD, Outreach Committee