State Relations Committee

State Relations Committee


  • Facilitate communication between the states and the Academy, as well as state-to-state;
  • Be a resource for Academy committees to coordinate and disseminate information to the State Leader Network in support of Academy initiatives such as advocacy, audiology awareness, etc;
  • Assist state academies with issues that arise on a state level; and,
  • Support state-level, Academy-driven advocacy efforts, as appropriate.


Chair: Aaron Roman, AuD
Members:  Jennifer Bobo, AuD
  Nancy Bowen-Hicks, AuD
  Brittany Day, AuD
  Ashley Hughes, AuD
  Imola MacPhee, AuD
  Shahrzad Cohen, AuD
  Douglas Garrison, AuD
  Daniel Romero, AuD
  Nicole Street, AuD
Staff Liaison: Susan Pilch


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