Dr. Staab is an internationally recognized expert in the hearing health-care field and is a most deserving recipient of the American Academy of Audiology’s Samuel F. Lybarger Award for Achievements in Industry. He is president of Dr. Wayne J. Staab and Associates, a marketing, research, educational, publishing, manufacturing, and consulting organization. He is also a founding partner/editor of Hearing Health and Technology Matters, an International blog site for hearing. He specializes in hearing and hearing aid related issues.

Dr. Staab has a master’s degree in audiology and doctoral degree in hearing science. His career is focused around teaching and he has taught audiology-focused courses at the University of North Dakota, Michigan State University, the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, Arizona State University, and Arizona School of Health Science. He has also managed and supervised university and hospital hearing clinical programs, both diagnostic and hearing aid-related. Dr. Staab has also been involved in the hearing aid manufacturing sector since 1972 in positions ranging from director of education at Telex Communications Incorporated, vice president of marketing at Audiotone, and corporate vice president at Dahlberg/Miracle Ear.

As a leading spokesperson within the hearing health-care profession, and considered an expert on hearing aids and devices that fit into the ear canal, Dr. Staab has lectured and written extensively on hearing-related topics and rehabilitation, within the United States and internationally. He has written in excess of 80 articles in professional and trade journals, given more than a thousand invited presentations, authored five books, and contributed chapters to 13 other major texts in audiology and hearing aids. He is co-owner and an editor of, which is dedicated to hearing health and technology.

Dr. Staab continues to serve the hearing health-care profession through education, new product development, research, manufacturing, and marketing. His varied background allows him to intertwine the manufacturing and business with the science of acoustics to meet the specific needs of the hearing-impaired population. As a result, he is involved in programs that have brought many new innovations, applications, and products to use in the hearing industry.

Dr. Staab is an active and past member of numerous organizations relating to hearing and hearing aids. He is a past president and past executive director of the American Auditory Society; American Speech-Language-Hearing Association; past editor of the Bulletin of the American Auditory Society; a past fellow of the International Collegium of Rehabilitative Audiology; a past fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, as well as other organizations. He continues to serve as a consultant to commercial businesses and corporations, including hearing aid manufacturing and hearing-related enterprises. He also serves as an expert on hearing to a wide range of local, state, medical-legal and national organizations, commissions, and the press. He has received numerous recognitions and awards for his work in hearing rehabilitation and continues to inspire the profession.