By Heather Carter and Hannah Millstine

This article is a part of the September/October 2021, Volume 33, Number 5, Audiology Today issue.

Don’t get distracted by the “noise” of industry disrupters. Instead, focus on what matters most: treating patients and educating your community about hearing health as part of overall wellness. 

Below are creative ways to spread this message by becoming the local hearing-health-care expert. 

  • Educate local primary care/specialty physicians (PCPs) about the comorbidities of hearing loss; encourage them to refer patients over 60 for a baseline hearing evaluation and consider joining forces (i.e., partner with a physical therapist to offer fall risk assessments and hearing screenings). 
  • Attend local events and join small business associations to become a recognizable face in the community. 
  • Host education events in-person and/or virtually like ‘lunch and learns’ and aural rehabilitation classes. Partner with PCPs to reach a broader audience.
  • Get involved with local chapters of national health organizations (Walk4Hearing, American Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Associations) and service clubs (Rotary, Lions). 
  • Create your own opportunities to give back (i.e., offer free screenings to first responders and their families). 
  • Integrate public relations into your outreach. Local news outlets are often looking for experts to advise on health topics.
  • Build a strong website that includes an educational section.

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Drs. Heather Carter and Hannah Millstine are audiologists and Consult account managers. Dr. Carter was recently appointed as the director of audiology and together, they’re bridging clinical concepts with proven business strategies to keep practices competitive in our ever-changing industry.

This article is a part of the September/October 2021 Audiology Today issue.

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