The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) is the national student organization of the American Academy of Audiology (the Academy) that serves as a collective voice for students and advances the rights, interests, and welfare of students pursuing careers in audiology.  

Our mission is to introduce students to lifelong involvement in activities that promote and advance the profession of audiology and provide services, information, education, representation, and advocacy for the profession and the public we serve. 

A mission statement is designed to outline the goals and values of an organization. As described by our mission, the organization is designed for the purpose of benefiting students pursuing a career in audiology. Many are unaware of the advantages that come with a national SAA membership. Below are a few benefits and areas where you can connect with other students and truly feel the value of membership. 

  • Access to social media platforms to stay up to date on SAA activities. 
  • Facebook: Student Academy of Audiology, Students with Hearing Loss Group 
  • Twitter: @StudentAuD  
  • Volunteering and networking opportunities 
  • Audiology Today magazine 
  • Journal of the American Academy of Audiology (JAAA) Online  
  • Scholarship opportunities funded by the American Academy of Audiology Foundation 
  • Resources for applying to graduate school and externships 
  • Resume-review services 
  • Discounts on educational opportunities 
  • SAA Conference 
  • AAA Conference, including exclusive student programming and events 
  • eAudiology web seminars 
  • Discounts on services 
  • Professional liability insurance 
  • Car insurance and car rental discounts 

Visit for a full list of benefits and opportunities. 


National membership affords you the opportunity to network and volunteer with local SAA chapters hosted by universities across the country. The national SAA has many different committees designed to promote the SAA, provide opportunities for student collaboration, and support the profession.  

Local chapter membership is a wonderful way to encourage community involvement and collaboration with students in their own program. Local engagements foster interprofessional relationships, provide activities to improve education, and boost awareness for individuals within different professions. The SAA strongly encourages students to participate in both national and local organizations to achieve a multifaceted membership experience.  

Feedback and Your Contribution 

The SAA actively seeks feedback and suggestions from chapters to improve the overall goal and mission of the organization. This information can be shared with members of the SAA and Academy alike, allowing for a wider scope of student and professional collaboration. 

Participation is an opportunity for professional involvement, networking, volunteering, and contributing to a group designed to improve the student experience. 

The goal of student membership is to encourage early career involvement with the final hopes that the student’s drive to contribute to the profession will carry on after graduation. It is no secret that individuals may often join an organization to simply enhance their resume. While resume building is an added benefit, it is imperative that we move beyond that thought process. This mentality will not foster a sense of pride as a student member.  

Student members are encouraged to contribute beyond being another number in an organization by volunteering and sharing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas on activities and information dispersed through the SAA. Active membership leads   to change.  


The anonymous saying, “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu,” is often quoted when discussing the importance of professional involvement. If change is sought, whether as a student or professional, actions must be taken. 

The goal of the SAA is to provide students with opportunities to learn and develop their professional skills as members of an organization driven by the profession. These opportunities become the perfect pathway to develop abilities and skills and to transition into membership in a professional organization such as the Academy.   

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