The Results Are In: 2020 American Academy of Audiology Member Survey

The Results Are In: 2020 American Academy of Audiology Member Survey

April 15, 2021 In the News

By The Academy’s Member Connect Subcommittee

Given the wide variety of relevant and timely topics included in this year’s survey, after this introductory article of the survey results, there will be a series of four web articles following that will focus on the remaining topics of the 2020 Member Survey to include cochlear implant candidacy identification, use of best practices in amplification verification, tele-audiology, and inclusion/equity. The goals of these articles will be to discuss the data and suggest actionable next steps for the Academy.

The American Academy of Audiology (the Academy) regularly conducts membership surveys to determine the status or opinion of members regarding given topics. This includes evaluating members’ opinions on longstanding issues and soliciting feedback on new and emerging topics.

These surveys are intended to be released biennially or as needed if specific issues arise. The goals of these surveys are to identify how the Academy can best meet the needs of its members and the profession of audiology thereby retaining membership and increasing member participation.

Previous member surveys (completed in 2010 and 2016) included questions from the topic areas indicated below (Smaka, 2016). The most recent Member Survey focused on a few new areas of relevance during 2020, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of best practices in amplification verification and cochlear implant candidacy identification, provision of tele-audiology services, and issues related to inclusion/equity.

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