This document has been retired. The American Academy of Audiology Board of Directors organized a continuing education needs assessment project during the spring of 1996. Surveys were sent to 1539 members selected at random, with a total of 813 membership surveys returned. This summary document presents the top 40 problems and issues that received the largest total number of definite concerns from the membership.

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Whether serving on a clinical document development panel or participating as peer reviewers, volunteers have regular chances to deepen their engagement with the Academy and make important contributions benefiting the field of audiology. If you are interested in clinical document development, please volunteer to express interest and submit a CV to the Academy’s guidelines staff by email.

To view the list of guidelines and strategic documents in development and to learn more about the Academy’s clinical document development process, visit the Academy’s Practice Resources website. Information from interested members is accepted on an ongoing basis, and members will be contacted as clinical document volunteer openings occur.

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Clinical Education Guidelines for Audiology Externships

This document has been retired. See Externship Resources. The entry-level degree for the profession of audiology is transitioning from a master’s to a doctorate (Doctor of Audiology [AuD]) degree. The academic and professional training for the audiology doctorate must fully prepare the student for independent professional practice upon graduation.

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