The entry-level degree for the profession of audiology is transitioning from a master’s to a doctorate (Doctor of Audiology [AuD]) degree. The academic and professional training for the audiology doctorate must fully prepare the student for independent professional practice upon graduation. Audiology doctoral programs combine classroom and clinical training to culminate in a clinical externship experience.

Key Points

It is the position of the American Academy of Audiology that the academic preparation of audiologists is best provided by a 4-year program, of which the fourth year is a 12-month externship experience.

The concept of including extensive clinical and academic training within the degree program is a hallmark of professional doctorates including the AuD. However, this is a significant departure from the master’s degree model for audiologists. In the master’s model, upon completion of an MA/MS degree program, individuals were required to complete a subsequent fellowship year before becoming eligible for audiology licensure. The AuD model qualifies graduates for licensure after completion of all degree requirements, including the externship experience.

This document will define and outline the competencies of the preceptor, and the roles and responsibilities of both the preceptor and the university for the externship year.

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Whether serving on a clinical document development panel or participating as peer reviewers, volunteers have regular chances to deepen their engagement with the Academy and make important contributions benefiting the field of audiology. If you are interested in clinical document development, please volunteer to express interest and submit a CV to the Academy’s guidelines staff by email.

To view the list of guidelines and strategic documents in development and to learn more about the Academy’s clinical document development process, visit the Academy’s Practice Resources website. Information from interested members is accepted on an ongoing basis, and members will be contacted as clinical document volunteer openings occur.

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