Practice Management

Practice Management

From coding and reimbursement questions and issues, to compliance and practive management resources and tools, this area of the Academy's site gives you the latest information on how to best manage your practice.

Academy Direct-to-Consumer Information Toolkit
Academy volunteers, staff, and leadership have developed materials to assist you and your patients in navigating the direct-to-consumer hearing aid delivery model.

Tip of the Month: August

Improving the Office
Gallup, a world leader in forward-thinking research, analytics, and advice in leadership, has identified three key areas that accelerate employee engagement and optimize growth within an organization. These include:

  1. Hiring the right manager
  2. Developing the employee
  3. Improving employee’s well being

Great managers are able to demonstrate care and concern for their people. They work at building strong and trusting relationships. They care as much about the employee as they do about the employee’s performance.

  • Question: Do you work best when you know people care about you or when you feel you are just a cog in a wheel?
    Understanding and uncovering your employee’s strengths and passions is key to employee engagement. Developing and nurturing these areas results in increased productivity.
  • Question: Do you work best when you are doing something you love and are good at?
    Improving employee’s well-being is the third area of focus for employee engagement. People work best, think best, and treat our customers best, when they feel good about themselves.
  • Question: Do you work best when shouted at, or when you are supported and made to feel good?
    Employees need a leader’s guidance and support to achieve. When your employees value your leadership abilities, they are inspired to excel and act with commitment.

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