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ACAE CORNER | Educating AuD Students for the Practice of Evidence-Based Audiology

This article is the second of a two-part series on evidence-based audiology and the education of audiologists. In the first article (Hall, 2018), the concept of evidence-based audiology was reviewed. Also, challenges in the incorporation of evidence-based audiology into doctor of audiology (AuD) programs were identified. This article offers general and specific steps and strategies for more effectively instilling in doctor of audiology students the principles of evidence-based audiology, and their application in clinical practice.

Topic(s): Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE), Education, Professional Development


Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2018


ABA SOUNDING BOARD | Why Choose ABA Board Certification?

Joshua Huppert, AuD

Joshua Huppert, AuD

Assistant Professor and Pediatric Audiologist  | University of Miami Ear Institute, Miami, Florida

Topic(s): American Board of Audiology (ABA), Education, Certification, Professional Development

Publication Issue: Audiology Today May/June 2018

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ABA SOUNDING BOARD | ABA Is Changing for You!

Twenty years ago, a group of Academy members came together to develop a certification that would serve audiologists by verifying credentials in an independent process that offers an alternative to the American Speech–Language–Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence–Audiology. They developed a program of rigorous education and experience verification with strong continuing education requirements and called it Board Certified in Audiology, in recognition of the substantial requisites.

Topic(s): American Board of Audiology (ABA), Education, Professional Development, Professional


Publication Issue: Audiology Today May/June 2019

AAA 2019: Get a Quick Overview

The American Academy of Audiology’s Annual Conference took place in Columbus, Ohio, on March 27–30, 2019. Columbus was an exceptional venue for the conference with a wide variety of educational events, social events, and networking opportunities, all designed to advance the profession of audiology. Educational and networking opportunities included:

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ACAE CORNER | Off to a Great Start

The doctor of audiology (AuD) degree was developed to support a profession with a scope of practice that had outgrown its existing educational standards. Multiple professional associations, including the American Academy of Audiology, the American Speech–Language–Hearing Association, and the Academy of Dispensing Audiologists (later renamed the Academy of Doctors of Audiology) worked to define the expanding knowledge and skills expected of competent audiologists.

Topic(s): Audiologist, Education, Professional

Eyes and Ears—Letter to the Editor

Good Morning Chris,

I hope this e-mail finds you well, warm, and in good spirits. My name is Joshua Huppert and I'm currently a pediatric audiologist and member of the Pediatric Balance Team at Children's Hospital Colorado (CHCO). I will only remain at CHCO for another two or so weeks, as I've accepted a position at University of Miami Ear Institute, where I will not only be a pediatric audiologist, but also hold a faculty appointment as well, allowing me to grow, develop, and hone my skills as a clinician AND a future educator.

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Ensuring Realistic Expectations Makes Good Business Sense

February 2018

Imagine Anna, a 20-year-old woman with a severe hearing loss. While in the waiting room of her audiologist's office, she notices a brochure. It asserts, “With our hearing aids, you will have a normal hearing!” As Anna reads these words, she becomes emotional as her dream has always been to hear like everyone else. Not surprisingly, Anna selects these hearing aids, but once she is fitted with them and experiences "less than normal" hearing, she leaves the office with tears of disappointment rather than tears of joy. This is a true story.

National Academies of Practice and Audiology

Three members of the American Academy of Audiology, Bettie Borton, AuD; Victor Bray, PhD, and Victoria Keetay, PhD, were recently selected to serve in leadership positions in the the National Academies of Practice (NAP). Bettie Borton and Victoria Keetay are the chair and vice chair of the Audiology Academy in the NAP, respectively. Victor Bray, founding chair of the Audiology Academy, has been elected as secretary/treasurer to NAP’s Executive Council.

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Investing in Autonomy Through Student Leadership

Autonomy, professional recognition, and public recognition are all goals of the audiology profession and have been for some time now. Great strides have been made due to the hard work and dedication of many Audiologists through the years, and each one has shared the same advice; pass it on, do your share, and move it forward. Professional advocacy is something we all have a responsibility for, whether one acknowledges it or not.

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AuD Education Summit: Review and Summary

On October 25–26, 2016, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) hosted a conference on audiology education. The Conference was attended by representatives of all 75 academic programs in the United States, with representatives from the American Academy of Audiology, the American Board of Audiology, the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education, and the Student Academy of Audiology also attending the conference.

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