Charge Description

  • Work to improve the effectiveness of the Academy's federal advocacy efforts
  • Make recommendations on the Academy's legislative and regulatory priorities
  • Identify and analyze federal legislative and regulatory public policy that impact audiology
  • Make recommendations on proposed legislative and regulatory public policy impacting the Academy and the profession of audiology
  • Initiate and participate in the Academy's public policy/position development process
  • Provide government relations leadership on behalf of the Academy and the profession of audiology
  • Promote a robust national grassroots community to support audiology through the Grassroots Advocacy Network
  • Continue to foster relationships with members of Congress to gain support for key legislative issues
  • Create and revise the Academy's public policy resolutions and work to ensure these policies are developed in a timely manner, ensure relevancy and adhere to best practices; and,
  • Include staff liaison and council chair in communications.


  • Anna Jilla AuD, Ex-Officio
  • Alyssa Needleman AuD, Ex-Officio
  • Kadyn Williams AuD, Ex-Officio
  • Lauren Keller AuD
  • Alexander Morris AuD
  • Lisa Reedy AuD
  • Hanna Sawher AuD
  • Tina Stern AuD
  • Jennifer Thomson AuD
  • Emily Venskytis AuD
  • Vivianne Wersel AuD
  • LeAnn Scott AuD

How to Apply

Interested in volunteering for the Government Relations Committee? Learn more about available volunteer opportunities and how to apply. If you have questions about any of the Academy's volunteer opportunities, please contact