As we approach a new year with the Academy, we also begin the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving. For many the Thanksgiving holiday serves as a reminder of thankfulness and gratitude for our families, friends, and, yes, even our profession. 

This year, I am truly grateful to serve as the 29th president of our Academy. It is my hope to be continually grateful throughout this year for this opportunity and, to the best of my ability improve communication and focus.

We will begin the 2018–2019 year with an agenda focused on membership, certification, public awareness, and advocacy. The focal points for this year come from strategic planning with the Academy Board of Directors in conjunction with our council chairs, leadership from SAA, AAAF, ABA, and ACAE, as well as comments seen and heard throughout our membership. 

We want to spend time this year focusing on you, our membership. How do we better engage you and how do we continue to grow membership in this ever-changing world? How do we uphold the Academy’s commitment to certification for its membership? We need some focus on researching how to expand, enhance, and adapt our certification and certificate programs as our profession and its needs change.

Public awareness and advocacy are always at the forefront of membership and leadership. This year, we want to engage membership and focus effort on outreach and education to providers who refer to audiologists, as well as to potential referral providers for audiologists. 

Also, do not miss “Audiology in the Press” e-mails. These communications will keep you up to date on all the latest audiology and Academy sightings in the press and how our public relations firm is helping get the news out about the Academy and audiology.

Advocacy is always a hot topic among Academy leadership and members. Over the past several months, our amazing Academy staff, along with Academy leadership, has begun to hone in on ways to focus on some legislative efforts that meet the Academy’s priorities to reduce regulation and expense while advancing our profession. As work is completed on this project, Academy membership will be kept informed. So, watch your e-mail, Academy Facebook page, and our Academy Leadership Twitter feed @AuDLeadership. 

It is time to make some positive, energetic, and focused moves into the future of audiology. With a focused agenda, I know we can achieve the changes many of us have desired for our Academy and audiology. 

I leave you with one question: What would it look like if we all embraced a positive, focused move forward?