When it comes to marketing, the goal is to maximize your reach to create the largest return on your investment. Listed below are three low-cost ideas that take little time and have proven to increase hearing healthcare awareness and highlight your clinic’s services.

  1. Free Hearing Screenings Thermometer: Create a large thermometer on a 2’x3’ foam board that reads, “Screen 1,000 Oklahoma adults for hearing loss.” Underneath the thermometer, it reads, “Help us to meet our goal by referring your friends for a free hearing screening! Ask the front office for more information.” Place paper versions in each office and business cards stating the screening goal for the year. Non-provider staff enjoy performing screenings, allowing them to feel more closely connected with patient care while not infringing on the audiologists seeing patients. It also encourages local businesses to reach out for screenings for their staff or at their health fairs.
  2. Online Patient Reviews: Make a goal each week to ask five patients to leave reviews. Reward your team when they meet their goals. As an example, your audiologist could say, “Mr. XX, we’re trying to increase our awareness online so when people are searching for hearing help, they’re able to see a patient’s perspective. We’d really appreciate if you’d comment on our Google (or Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, Hearing Tracker, etc.) page about your experience, so others can learn from it. Would you be willing to do that today?” Seeing a practice that has 40 reviews makes a difference in gaining trust for first-time viewers.
  3. Facebook Black Friday: Advertising on Facebook can be very cost-effective. Try running low-cost ads targeted toward specific groups of people. A Black Friday promotional offer can bring people into your clinic as they’re scouring the internet for other online deals. As little as a few hundred dollars can be very effective and low risk.