Academy Research Conference 2021


The Academy Research Conference is a one-day event designed for audiologists who wish to gain a better understanding of the latest research in areas of critical need and positively impact the care of their patients, as well as scientists who want a deeper knowledge and understanding of the latest findings in these translational areas of study.

Post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students in audiology and the hearing sciences will also have the opportunity to join these thought-provoking discussions, with some competitively selected to make poster presentations as a means of encouraging our emerging scientists.

Attendees taking notes during conference session

Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

April 8, 2021, 10:00 am-4:00 pm Eastern Time

Chaired by Linda Hood, PhD, Professor, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University

Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD) is a unique condition that occurs in individuals with normal cochlear active processes but abnormal afferent neural activity resulting from interruption of activity at the level of inner hair cell synapses, the auditory nerve, and/or brainstem. Earn up to 0.5 AAA/Tier 1 CEUs.

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ARC 2021 Agenda

10:00–10:15 am


Angela Shoup, PhD, Academy President

Linda Hood, PhD, ARC 2021 Chair

10:15–10:45 am

AN/ANSD: Current Status, Clinical Issues, and Future Directions

Linda Hood, PhD, ARC 2020 Chair

Professor, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University

10:45–11:15 am

Electrophysiology in Patients with Gene Mutations Related to AN/ANSD

Rosamaria Santarelli, MD, PhD

Professor, Department of Neurosciences, University of Padova

11:15–11:45 am

Sound Coding in the Auditory Nerve: Toward New Diagnostic Tools

Jean-Luc Puel, PhD

Professor University Montpellier

Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier

11:45–12:15 pm

Cochlear Deafferentation in Noise- and Age-Related Hearing Loss: Basic Observations and Translation to Human

Sharon Kujawa, PhD

Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Director of Audiology Research and Senior Scientist, Massachusetts Eye and Ear

12:15–12:45 pm

Questions and Discussions

Morning speakers

12:45–1:15 pm


1:15–1:45 pm

Speech-Evoked Cortical Responses in Infants and Children with and Without Hearing Loss

Kristin Uhler, PhD

Chair, Audiology, Speech Pathology, and Learning Services, Children’s Hospital Colorado Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Otolaryngology, and Psychiatry University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Children’s Hospital Colorado

1:45–2:15 pm

AN/ANSD: Assessment in Infants and Toddlers

Yvonne Sininger, PhD

Professor Emeritus, University of California Los Angeles

C&Y Consulting, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2:15–2:45 pm

Psychophysics and Bimodal Hearing in AN/ANSD

Sterling Sheffield, AuD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences University of Florida

2:45–3:15 pm

Gene Therapy for Genetic Hearing Loss

Lawrence Lustig, PhD

Professor and Chair, Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery

Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital

3:15–3:45 pm

Questions and Discussions

Afternoon speakers

3:45–4:00 pm

Closing Remarks

Linda Hood, PhD, ARC 2021 Chair