Charge Description

  • Recruit non-audiologists to consult in this committee.
  • Identify key topics/messaging that align with Academy strategic priorities and are important for non-audiologist healthcare providers (and the public) to know and understand.
  • Educate other health professionals regarding importance of hearing health such that audiologists and the Academy are viewed as the experts in hearing and balance.
  • Identify hearing- and balance-related research and convert into brief articles and/or infographics suitable for inclusion in publications, social media, or other distribution channels for non-audiology clinicians and the public.
  • Develop relationships with other health care organizations that will result in presentations at each other’ educational offerings and annual meetings.
  • Ensure all messaging integrates diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging perspective.
  • Work closely with the contracted public relations firm in developing and coordinating promotional and marketing programs and tools for public awareness of hearing and balance disorders, including participation in national awareness campaigns and other national campaigns focused on the hearing and balance health.


  • Laurel Braverman, AuD
  • Sarah Faucette, AuD
  • Anastasia Grindle, AuD
  • Sarah Jones, AuD
  • Angie Nguyen, AuD
  • V. Han Nguyen, AuD
  • Laura Bradley Pratesi, AuD
  • Greta Stamper, AuD
  • Emily Venskytis, AuD


The work of the Outreach Committee is overseen by the Scientific Advisory and External Relations Council.

How to Apply

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