Charge Description

  • Cultivate a welcoming environment that values diversity of people and perspectives in approaching the activities of the committee
  • Consider diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness in materials developed for public awareness
  • Designate a DEI advocate
  • Assist Academy members in promoting hearing and balance awareness at the local, state and national levels
  • Promote hearing and balance to the general public
  • Work closely with the contracted public relations firm in developing and coordinating promotional and marketing programs and tools for public awareness of hearing and balance disorders, including participation in national awareness campaigns and other national campaigns focused on the hearing and balance health
  • Develop print materials, content for website and other external communications to promote hearing and balance wellness to consumers, as needed, and in collaboration with staff
  • Develop consumer-centric statements to be available on website regarding common hearing and balance concerns; and,
  • Include staff liaison and council chair in communications.


  • Anastasia Grindle, AuD
  • Devangi Dalal
  • Andy Lau, AuD
  • Madalyn Rash, AuD
  • Meryl Miller, AuD
  • Rebecca Welles, AuD
  • Rebecca Wiacek, AuD
  • Sarah Faucette, AuD

How to Apply

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