When you think back to why you wanted to become an audiologist, the majority of professions entered because we “wanted to help others.” Audiologists have a unique opportunity to mix science, technology, and counseling into a fantastic art form of quality hearing health care. As we know, patients need to be engaged and motivated to have successful habitation to their hearing aids or other hearing devices.

One way to support patients is to routinely develop positive and encouraging social media posts featuring your patients. For those who engage in TED talks, watch this 15-minute video on “The Hidden Influence of Social Networks.”

As Dr. Nicholas Christakis stated “social networks are required for the spread of good and valuable things, like love and kindness and happiness and altruism and ideas. I think, in fact, that if we realized how valuable social networks are, we’d spend a lot more time nourishing them and sustaining them, because I think social networks are fundamentally related to goodness.”

Some ideas for patient engagement could be to record a short video or take a picture of your patients. Of course, ask for permission to post on your social media platforms. The posts should include the success stories of patients, such as how hearing devices have improved their quality of life, their favorite new activity (going to restaurants, the movies, being able to engage in large family dinners, etc.), and how long your patient has been using hearing devices. Tag the patient into the post which will then spread to their friends or connections. Hearing loss awareness and hearing aid success will spread through your patients to the large social networks and your community.


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