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What's in the everyday #audiologist toolkit? An otoscope, of course! The #otoscope allows an audiologist to see into the ear canal during an evaluation. #NAAM #infographic
An #audiologist can identify, evaluate, and recommend treatment options for those experiencing tinnitus. #Tinnitus can present as ringing, buzzing, roaring, crickets, and more. Don't wait, visit an audiologist near you this October. #infographic #nationalaudiologyawarenessmonth #NAAM
Have you ever wondered why we have ear wax? Trust us, audiologists know. And while it may not be your favorite, it is there for your protection and #healthyhearing. #NAAM #infographic
Audiologists use audiograms to see the softest sounds a person can hear at different pitches or frequencies. If you're concerned about your hearing, take the time this National Audiology Awareness Month to visit an audiologist near you. #infographic #NAAM
Cochlear implants can help those with severe hearing loss to improve communication and quality of life. #infographic #NAAM
Audiologists identify, diagnose, and provide treatment options for patients with vestibular disorders that lead to dizziness and imbalance. If you're experiencing vertigo, take time during National Audiology Awareness Month to visit your local audiologist for an evaluation. #NAAM #infographic
Today marks the official beginning of National #Audiology Awareness Month! #NAAM is the perfect time to raise awareness for audiology, and the importance of audiologists in hearing and balance care, as well as overall health. This month, use #Academy resources including images, press release templates, and more. #infographic
An audiologist's assessment can help identify the cause of #balance problems, to determine the best treatment. Take care of your vestibular health this #BalanceAwarenessWeek; visit an audiologist. #infographic

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National Audiology Awareness Month Poster



Levels of Noise Poster

PR23 - Poster - Noise Chart - 8.5x11-min


Protect Your Hearing Poster

PR23 - Poster - Protect Your Hearing - 8.5x11_min