Committees & Task Forces

Committees & Task Forces


Interested in volunteering? Sign-in to the Audiology Community, click on the "Volunteer" tab, and then "Current Volunteer Opportunities" to view all the different ways you can get involved. While there, don't forget to submit an application to the Volunteer Reserve to be considered for future committee, subcommittee, and task force opportunities! Refer to our Volunteer FAQs for additional information, any questions please contact Kiersten Valko.

Help us, help you.

Do you want the Academy to reach out to you with opportunities that match your interests? Go to "My Volunteer Profile" on the Audiology Community and share your volunteer bio, years of experience, and your volunteer history. We will notify you when an opportunity matching your interests becomes available. Completing the volunteer profile is not a requirement to volunteer, but doing so allows us to proactively identify opportunities best-suited to your interests.

Volunteering is easy!

To learn more information about a specific volunteer opportunity, visit the Audiology Community or click the title of the opportunity below to view the charge and as well as current volunteers and leadership.

Volunteer opportunities are updated on an ongoing basis with most committee and subcommittee work beginning on October 1 each year. Task force, working group, and micro-volunteer opportunities are offered on an as needed basis with varying timelines throughout the year. A visual representation of the Academy's governance structure details the councils, committees, and task forces listed below, and how they work together to accomplish the Academy's Strategic Plan.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that contribute to the Academy and the profession of audiology!


Academic and Professional Standards Council

Advocacy Council


Leadership Council

Outreach Council

Professional Development Council

Scientific Advisory and Research Council


  • AQC Task Force
  • Audiologist's Role in Radiologic Imaging Task Force
  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations in Adults Task Force
  • Infant Assessment Guideline Update Task Force
  • Musicians Task Force



Most of the opportunities listed below are available year-round. Learn more about each opportunity then visit the Audiology Community to apply and become part of the network.


Access Your Committee or Task Force on the Audiology Community. If you are part of a committee and/or task force and do not have a committee site, contact your staff liaison for more information.

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