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The Academy reviews all initial nominations for the member at large (MAL) and president-elect (PE) positions to ensure each candidate meets the basic eligibility criteria (an Academy member in good standing with no outstanding ethical violations). All eligible candidates receive an invitation to complete the full application for the respective position (MAL or PE). A completed application is due by November 1 for a candidate to continue in the process.

Each MAL or PE application receives a unique identifier code and has personal data removed. In this way, all candidates will be assessed and qualifications reviewed with no personal identity. Throughout the review process, the unique identifier code is maintained in lieu of a candidate’s name.

Candidates for selection to the nomination slate for MAL or PE must possess the necessary competencies and experience to fulfill the responsibilities of the respective position. A rubric for each position assists in the assessment of a candidate’s leadership experience, organizational knowledge, and factors demonstrating diversity and breadth of experiential backgrounds. Scoring in this rubric accounts for up to 80% of the assessment for a candidate, and the remainder is based on committee members’ scoring relative to the candidate’s skills and personal statements. The total score reflects the candidate’s qualifications.

The Nominations Committee has the charge to submit a slate of eligible candidates to the Academy Board of Directors. In preparing the final slate, the Nominations Committee considers the candidates’ scores, other current service positions, and conflict of interest disclosures, as well as the multiplicity of practice settings represented by the candidate pool and with respect to the current board. The Nominations Committee identifies two candidates for each vacant position to include on the election slate.

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