Charge Description

  • Develop clinical and academic-related resources for educational programs and members.
  • Plan and present the annual Clinical Education Forum held at the AAA Annual Conference.
  • Communicate and collaborate with CAPCSD, CAUDP, and academic programs.
  • Cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness skills through training and educational opportunities and resources.
  • Recommend position papers that would advance Academy strategic priorities.


  • Evalena Behr, AuD
  • Matthew Bell, AuD
  • Karenina Carlarga, MS
  • Caroline Dadowski, AuD
  • Devangi Dalal
  • Laura Gaeta, PhD
  • Rachel Kansky, AuD
  • Katherine Peitsch, AuD
  • Liz Ramos, AuD
  • Emily Taylor, AuD


The work of the Academic and Clinical Education Resources Committee is overseen by the Student Affairs and Academic Standards Council.

How to Apply

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