Advocacy Council

Advocacy Council


  • Promote communications bi-directionally with committee chairs, staff, other councils, and board liaison.
  • Coordinate overarching goals with other committee chairs.
  • Participate in virtual and in-person committee interactions.
  • Support communications among committee chairs under the council.
  • Provide support to committee chairs to accomplish their charges.
  • Monitor charges and accomplishments of the committees under council.


Chair: Gail Whitelaw, PhD
Members at Large:  Shilpi Banerjee, PhD, Past-Chair
  Emily Nairn, AuD, Chair-Elect
SAA Representative: Samantha Kesteloot
Members: Jodi Baxter, AuD, Government Relations Committee
  Courtney Colburn Glavin, AuD, PAC Advisory Board
  Anna Jilla, AuD, Coding and Reimbursement Committee
  Aaron Roman, AuD, State Relations Committee
  Alyssa Needleman, PhD, Coding and Reimbursement Committee
  Kadyn Williams, AuD, Practice Policy Advisory Committee (PPAC)
Board Liaison: Angela Shoup, PhD
Staff Liaison:

Susan Pilch