Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

The Academy has prepared these consumer-friendly fact sheets as tools for you to use. Simply download, print, and go.

Leave them in the waiting room at your office, the local grocery store, the community center, and the front desk of clinics. Ask the other health-care professionals in your area if they would leave them in their waiting rooms as well.

The bottoms of all the fact sheets are now customizable.

Simply add your contact information or message in place of the paragraph at the bottom left of the page, next to the logo.

 Sensorineural Hearing Loss (May 2018)

 Hidden Hearing Loss (May 2018)

 Genetic HearingLoss (March 2018)

 Listening Environment (March 2018)

 Behavioral vs. Objective Hearing Tests (March 2018)

 Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection (March 2018)

 Hearing Loops (March 2018)

 Hearing Loss and Depression (March 2018)

 Syndromes and Hearing Loss (March 2018)

 Educational Audiology (March 2018)

 Hearing Loss and Infant Hearing Screening (June 2017)

 Hearing Loss (June 2017)

 Age Related Hearing Loss (January 2018)

 Bone-Anchored Hearing Devices  (January 2018)

 Cochlear Implant (January 2018)

 Cognitive Decline (January 2018)

 Communication Options (January 2018)

 Diabetes  (January 2018)

 Fall Risk (January 2018)

 Hearing Loss in Children  (January 2018)

 Heart Disease (January 2018)

 Important Difference Hearing Vision (January 2018)

 Listening Communication Strategies (January 2018)

 Listening Effort and Fatigue (January 2018)

 Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (January 2018)

 Ototoxicity  (January 2018)

 Telephone Listening and Devices (January 2018)

 Tinnitus Management (January 2018)

 Types of Hearing Loss (January 2018)

 Vertigo  (January 2018)