New Professionals Committee

New Professionals Committee


  • Develop or identify opportunities for new professionals to engage in organizational activities
  • Develop or identify professional opportunities for new professionals
  • Coordinate with other committees in the Academy to identify pathways and opportunities for leadership development and roles
  • Evaluate and benchmark trends that impact early career development; and
  • Include staff liaison and council chair in communications.


Chair: Kaitlyn Kennedy, AuD
Members: Jason Baker, AuD
  Rachel Bell, AuD
  Eric Bostwick, AuD
  Kaylee Davenport, AuD
  Elizabeth Fuemmeler, AuD
  Audrey Taylor, AuD
  Raquel Heacock, AuD
  Samantha Ramirez, AuD
  Jessica Vilendrer, AuD
  Emily Venskytis, AuD
Board Liaison: Francis Kuk, PhD
Staff Liaison: Rachael Sifuentes, MA


Interested in volunteering for the New Professionals Committee? Learn more about available volunteer opportunities and how to apply. If you have questions about any of the Academy's volunteer opportunities, please contact